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PO Box 90693, City of Industry, 91715
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Apr 20, 1974 (Aries)
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I'd just like to say hello to everyone on the board and it's great to be here. I enjoy looking at all the cool pictures you guys post. It brings me back to my days in towing. I am the owner and operator of Alert Power Washing based in the City of Industry, CA though I actually live in Diamond Bar, CA (5 miles east of the City of Industry) I have had experience in Light, Medium and Heavy Duty towing as well as Landoll and 5 axle lowbed work. If any of the tow companies need 24 Hour assistance that a commercial hot water pressure washer trailer mounted would help out , give me a call 24 Hours A Day. I worked my fair share of fatel accidents when I was in towing with local police agencies and the CHP so I know those types of accidents don't produce pretty scenes. I offer immediate response to any accident scene. I just need drive time from Diamond Bar unless I'm out on another job. Vince Wood Alert Power Washing 562-331-0301

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